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Information for Visitors

Below is an assortment of information to help Users plan for their time at the Texas Petawatt in Austin. Be sure to read the page fully, especially the sections on UT requirements such as setting up an EID, establishing appointments, and completing any necessary training or other curriculum.

If you have any questions or require additional information or assistance, please contact us.

Delivering Your Equipment

All experimental hardware, including diagnostics, instruments, targets, gases, and tools, should be delivered to the Texas Petawatt no later than seven days before your run.

The TPW has freight elevator access to the experimental area. The dimensions of the elevator are 13′ × 6½′ ×8′. For large crates and deliveries, there is a truck-height loading dock available for your use. Pallet jacks, electronic lifters, and furniture dollies are also available.

The delivery address is:

2515 Speedway St., RLM 12.204
Austin, TX 78712
Attn: Kelley Shrock

Travel Logistics

The local airport is Austin Bergstrom International Airport (AUS). Public transportation between the airport and campus is available via Capital Metro (via #100, Airport Flyer). Other options include taxi (Yellow Cab, 512‑452‑9999) or rental car (Enterprise, 512‑530‑8100).


See also the longer list of Austin-area hotels.

Below are a few of the most popular hotels used by TPW visitors; click on a name to visit the hotel’s web site. Prices shown are approximate and might vary seasonally or by room type. Please note that many hotels, particularly the ones near campus, routinely fill up at certain times of year when large events are held in Austin; so you should book as far in advance as is feasible to avoid any problems.

Parking and the UT Campus

See also the map of RLM on campus. The TPW is located in the basement of the RLM building.

Parking is very limited on the UT campus, but there are several options. A few free on-the-street parking spots might be available along Dean Keeton Street, but these fill up very early (usually by 7:00 AM). Most of the on-the-street parking around the campus and surrounding areas has been converted to city-operated hourly pay parking, so if you park in that area, be sure to check carefully to determine whether payment is needed. The Speedway Garage and the San Jacinto Garage are both fairly close, but cost $12 per day. You can park at the loading dock of RLM for up to 30 minutes while unloading equipment. Finally, as an appointed Visiting Scientist or Visiting Student, you are eligible to purchase an “A” parking permit for the duration of the academic year; whether this is cost-effective for you will depend on your individual preferences and needs; for permit information (including current rates and maps of which lots you can use with an “A” permit), check with the UT Parking and Transportation Services.

Alternatively, depending on where you will be staying, you might be able to use the Capital Metro public transit system. (Ask your hotel, or visit the Capital Metro site for maps and schedules.) A large number of bus lines have stops either within or directly adjacent to campus, including several city busses as well as all of the UT Shuttle Bus lines. The shuttle busses in particular are conveniently fare-free; however, they only run during regular class sessions, so be sure to check the schedules first.

Orientation and Training

Users must complete the following steps for registration, training, and on-site Internet access.

Computing and Administrative Services

The following services are available to Users:

Support Capabilities

A work station with a limited assortment of general tools, soldering irons, and crimping/cutting/stripping tools is available in the TPW high bay. For more involved work, the Student and Professional Machine Shops are available.

In the Student Machine Shop, researchers have access to the following machines after an initial orientation and sign-off with the Shop supervisor:

Equipment provided by the Student Machine Shop:

Equipment not provided by the Shop:

* TPC has a small assortment of standard sizes of these items

For more involved tasks, work orders can be submitted to the Professional Machine Shop upon approval from the TPW mechanical engineering department. Typical lead time for prioritized work is 1–4 weeks.

Features of the Professional Machine Shop include:

Contact List

A contact phone list can be found posted in the control room. Relevant labs and personnel are listed.