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Requesting Time on the TPW

A researcher interested in conducting an experiment on the Texas Petawatt Laser should contact one of the following three points of contact:

This person will help the interested party to determine if the TPW is an appropriate experimental platform for the proposed experiment. If so, the researcher will then send a formal request for TPW shot time using the format detailed below; this request will be reviewed at the next quarterly Petawatt Oversight Committee meeting for selection and scheduling.

Most research on the TPW will be collaborative with The University of Texas at Austin, Center for High Energy Density Science (CHEDS). This maximizes the potential for a successful experiment. The degree of collaboration will depend on the nature of the experiment.

TPD Shot Request Format

When submitting a formal request for Texas Petawatt Laser (TPW) time, the request needs to be formatted as outlined below. Principal Investigators for each experiment should complete the following information and submit it to Mikael Martinez ( and Mike Donovan ( The TPW staff will analyze and organize this information for the Petawatt Oversight Committee (POC), who will select and schedule the experimental program. The shot request will typically be four to six pages, including figures.