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Information for Users

This section of the site contains information specifically for Texas Petawatt Laser experimenters (users), whether they hail from the University of Texas at Austin or from elsewhere.

Our guiding document is the Texas Petawatt Laser User Standing Operating Procedure (SOP). The pages in this section of the site are taken from the SOP, with the exception of the formats for the Initial Review and Readiness Reviews.

User SOP

The Standard Operating Procedure describes in detail how the Texas Petawatt Facility runs operations.

Laser Capabilities

The Texas Petwatt offers a unique set of laser parameters delivered into two target chambers.

Before Your Run

Each User that has been selected is required to go through various steps to help make sure they are ready for the run and have had the orientation training necessary to access the facility.

Requesting Beam Time

To request beam time on the TPW, Users will submit a proposal for review and if selected are scheduled into the TPW Calendar.

Visiting Scientist Info

To help facilitate logistics relative to executing the experiments, we have compiled useful information for travel, equipment delivery and onsite services.

In House Diagnostics

In house diagnostics on the Texas Petawatt can be made available to Users. The User will need to request the diagnostics in both the proposal and the six-month Readiness Review.