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Computing and Administrative Services

The following services are available to Users:

Cryogenics Shop

The shop can provide several types of gas cylinders containing nitrogen, helium, argon, hydrogen, methane, etc.; check purity before relying on them. The shop can also provide liquid nitrogen (TPW owns a 240 L dewar), and liquid helium (TPW does not own a dewar). Liquid helium is relatively expensive and usually companies do not like to have their dewars refilled by a third party.

TPW Workspace

A work station with a limited assortment of general tools, soldering irons, and crimping/cutting/stripping tools is available in the TPW high bay. For more involved work, the Professional and Student Machine Shops are available.

Professional Machine Shop

For more involved tasks, work orders can be submitted to the Professional Machine Shop upon approval from the TPW mechanical engineering department. Typical lead time for prioritized work is 1–4 weeks.

Features of the Professional Machine Shop include:

Student Machine Shop

In the Student Machine Shop, researchers have access to the following machines after an initial orientation and sign-off with the Shop supervisor:

Equipment provided by the Student Machine Shop:

Equipment not provided by the Shop:

* TPC has a small assortment of standard sizes of these items